Why Us?

           “How do we stand out?” No matter what you sell, offer, or promote, you and your team have all asked each other how you stand out from the competition. What makes you different? What will bring in more customers? How do I get my customers attention at first glance? These days, brands find a beautiful model to wear their shorts, or look into the sunset with their sunglasses and believe this investment will do the job, but the truth is, this is average, and no one remembers average.

          At Extreme Marketing Group, we make sure to connect you to your potential customers in a unique way. When you can get to someone’s emotions, feelings, or thoughts, you have them hooked, and that’s what we are here to do. With countless years of experience in marketing, extreme sports, and photography, we have noticed that combining both has the potential of creating an image with a message like no other. So now we ask you...  How you stand out?



Our Core Values

   Most People would ask themselves why someone jump out of a perfectly good airplane, swim side by side wild sharks, or bungee jump with a bicycle just to get 1 photograph? At Extreme Marketing Group we stand by a simple saying- “Fear Your Fear”. These 3 simple words are what make one stand out, they are what make one grow out his/her comfort zone and allow one begin enjoying life.

      At Extreme Marketing Group, there are no wrong answers, there is only room for growth, improvement, and most of all, customer satisfaction. We are not only here to work together one time, we want to continue to help grow and surpass your initial goal, in a way like never before. As our athletes are asked- "What if something goes wrong?" They stand their ground and get pulled by an even better question... What if this works out and it was the best decision we ever made?

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